Delivering Results

Delivering Results

Getting South Dade Its Fair Share

• Partnered with Commissioner Moss to create the South Dade Solutions Summit, and the “More to Explore” marketing campaign, dedicated to bringing business, community, and government leaders together to create an economic development and improved quality of life plan for South Dade.

• Increased the County police force by 80 officers with more than half placed in districts which serve South Dade. Broke ground on a new Fire Rescue station and opened another.

• Secured over $20 million in funds for infrastructure projects in Homestead, Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay.

• Funded a new pool complex at South Dade Park, improved Debbie Curtin Park, and authorized improvements in six more District parks.

Improving Transit

• Convened a tri-city Traffic Solutions Summit to develop and implement a realistic local plan.

• Reduced bus travel times by synchronizing traffic lights on US 1, allowing city trolleys to use the South Dade Transit Way, and working with cities to create more park and ride facilities.

• Added a popular express bus route on the Transit Way, replaced aging buses with new equipment including 60-foot super-capacity “bending” buses, and capped express bus fares to save commuters money.

• Championed carpooling at area schools, leading to a new promotion plan from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

• Advocated for extension of MetroRail to Florida City.

Protecting our Parks, Animals, and Environment

• Protected our drinking water by banning fracking.

• Restored funding for our parks.

• Added a spay and neuter clinic for Homestead area, conducted six major pet service events, prohibited animal abusers from adoption, and reduced age for volunteering at the animal shelter.

• Championed sensible solutions for Climate Change & Sea Level Rise.

• Cut pollution and increased energy efficiency at county buildings, and helped private owners reduce energy consumption.

Increasing Accountability and Reducing Waste

• Passed the Employee Protection Ordinance to make it easier and safer for county employees to report fraud, waste, and abuse.

• Leveraged technology to make government information easier to access and use.

• Increased campaign finance transparency.

• Strengthened conflict of interest reporting by elected officials.

Growing Our Economy and Opportunity

• Created the Small Business Academy and Nonprofit Academy to provide training and tools that help local businesses and nonprofits grow and overcome challenges.

• Passed the Convention to End Discrimination Against Women, completed a first annual report, and drafted legislation to reduce disparities.

• Created an Office of New Americans to coordinate education, outreach and free legal services to assist up to 500,000 county residents apply for citizenship.

• Restored an additional day of service for Coral Reef, Palmetto Bay, Naranja, and Homestead branch libraries.

• Launched “Accelerate South Dade,” an incubator for nonprofits and for-profit small businesses.

• Created a charitable fund at the Water and Sewer Department to help customers in need.

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