SECURE Miami-Dade

We need bold action to stop this virus. That means investing in our healthcare infrastructure, expanding access to care, and supporting healthcare workers. And if we support our most vulnerable residents and embrace science, we can build back stronger in the wake of COVID-19.
Safety Net Investments

We need to invest in services for residents who are struggling to stay in their homes and put food on the table. That means rent relief, food assistance, and stronger social programs. 

Expand Mass Testing

We can’t control this virus if we don’t know who has it. Daniella has called for expanded testing since this crisis began, and it needs to be a staple of our response until a vaccine is widely available.

Address the Affordability Crisis

Before COVID-19 hit, Daniella proposed requiring all county contractors to provide at least 14 days of paid leave to their employees. We need earned leave now more than ever—it’s hard to stop COVID-19 if we make people choose between staying home when they’re sick and putting food on the table. It’s time to act.

Unemployment Response

Florida’s unemployment system is a national disgrace. Daniella will fight for expanded benefits and demand reform from Tallahassee.

Rebuilding Infrastructure

Miami-Dade has faced a transit and infrastructure crisis for far too long. Now, we have no choice but to rebuild With the help of stimulus funding from Tallahassee and Washington, Daniella will address long-term challenges and create jobs to get people back on their feet.

Economic Recovery

Daniella will help our economy rebuild on the principles of justice and equality. We have a chance to jumpstart our economy by supporting small businesses and making investments in underserved communities.

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