Daniella’s Plan to Stop COVID and Revitalize Our Economy

We need bold action to stop coronavirus. That means investing in our healthcare infrastructure, expanding access to care, and supporting healthcare workers.


Daniella’s Plan to Support Our Small Business Community

Our economy has been uniquely affected and the small businesses that make up the backbone of our community’s economic engine are struggling.


Daniella’s Plan to Give Black Residents a Real Voice in the Mayor’s Office

Miami-Dade County has ignored Black residents for far too long. We need to do better, and Daniella has a plan to empower marginalized communities.

Transparency and Accountability in County Government

The murder of George Floyd reminded everyone how much work remains in the fight for just policing. Daniella will engage community leaders, listen to residents, and fight for transparency and accountability in county government. She’ll also work tirelessly to stomp out corruption, fight wasteful spending, and protect YOUR tax dollars from being wasted.

An Agenda For Working Families

Working families shouldn’t go broke when someone gets sick, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Daniella will continue her fight for paid leave to make sure our workers are protected. And as Florida’s unemployment system continues to fail us, Daniella will bring relief to unemployed residents and residents facing food insecurity and eviction.

Invest in Infrastructure

From an outdated water system to unreliable transit, decades of broken promises have left Miami-Dade with crumbling infrastructure. Daniella has a plan to help us rebuild together. She’ll partner with leaders across all levels of government to modernize our infrastructure and create jobs for our community.

Expand Affordable Housing

The COVID-19 crisis will only exacerbate our county’s affordability crisis. Now more than ever, Miami-Dade needs rapid expansion of affordable housing; Daniella is committed to making that happen.

Environmental Champion

Daniella is our “water warrior” because she’s taken over 30 direct actions to protect our environment. Daniella will make Miami-Dade a national leader in the fight against climate change.

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