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Miami’s Community News: Fueled By A Grassroots Movement And Ready to Continue The Critical Work Ahead

While I never aspired to run for public office, my parents instilled in me from a young age the power of community, and the responsibility of service. When I see a need that I have the ability to address, I believe I have the obligation to step up. Our democracy is my passion, so when I saw our county government going in the wrong direction, losing public trust, I felt it was my duty to change it.

In the 2020 election, we made history together in more ways than one when I became the first woman mayor of Miami-Dade County and was the first-ever county mayoral campaign to qualify for the ballot by petition – no easy feat in a county of 3 million people and a requirement of over 15,000 verified signatures. But, we’ve officially done it again: I am proud that our campaign collected over 19,000 petitions from Miami-Dade voters to qualify for the ballot.

Our petitions were collected by volunteers who gave countless hours of their time talking to voters, knocking on doors, and showing up at events because they believe in our fight for a better Miami-Dade. I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

Since our first mayoral campaign in 2019, we’ve collected over 35,000 petitions of support from voters across Miami-Dade, showcasing the power of our community — not the power of someone’s pocketbook.

Building on this momentum and this public trust, we’ve continued to shatter barriers and pave the way for a renewal of grassroots activism in local politics. Together, we are fueled by the optimism of our community, and dedication to delivering results for our residents.

Now, I am running for re-election with the strong support of our police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, and working families, to continue the work we started and ensure our government continues to listen, respond, and innovate for the future. From laying down plans for a future-ready Miami-Dade to addressing long standing issues that were ignored for far too long, our administration has been laser-focused on improving the lives of every resident in our community.

One of our proudest accomplishments has been the expansion of opportunities for families and young people. By partnering with schools to create internships, summer jobs, and apprenticeship programs, we are providing our youth with valuable pathways to success. We are also closing the opportunity gap and digital divide by providing high-speed Internet in low-income neighborhoods. And we are ensuring higher education is more accessible than ever before through our Future Ready Miami-Dade Scholarships, allowing qualified residents to attend Miami Dade College at zero cost.

To address the housing affordability crisis, we are building for today while investing in tomorrow through historic property tax cuts and more investments in housing that people can afford – with nearly 32,000 new housing units being built. With help from the federal government, we’ve dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars to housing and efforts to combat homelessness.

As a proud “Water Warrior,” we have made it a priority to fund critical county resilience projects that will protect Biscayne Bay, ensure our drinking water is clean, and buffer our communities from sea level rise and climate change. We’ve secured more than $1.5 billion in federal funding for Everglades restoration, septic-to-sewer conversions, tree planting, and clean energy transition programs.

Because public safety is a top priority, we have invested in successful community programs resulting in Miami-Dade County defying national trends in crime, achieving one of the lowest rates of gun violence for any major metro area in the country. Under my leadership, our county has removed 3,000 illegal guns from our streets, launched a youth employment program to provide paid work experience for youth in zip codes most affected by gun violence, and established a Crisis Response Unit (CRU) allowing mental health experts and clinicians to respond to nonviolent emergency calls.

As we look to the future, I am inspired by the resilience and spirit of our community.

Together, we have achieved remarkable progress, but our work is far from over. With your continued support, we will build a stronger, more resilient, and future-ready Miami-Dade for generations to come.

With fewer than 90 days until the August election, I look forward to continuing this journey together.

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