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Miami Today: Levine Cava vows to huddle with commissioners on financial warning flags

A red flag was raised last week about a red flag resolution passed in 2019, for which county commissioners are dissatisfied.

The 2019 Red Flag resolution directed the mayor to notify commission “whenever, among other things, any contract, project, program, department or initiative appears to be at risk…”

The resolution called for “mandatory notifications … as soon as practicable whenever an unanticipated event has occurred which could have a significant financial or operational impact upon, among other things, any county contract, grant, project, program, initiative, or department.”

Several commissioners said they didn’t think that was happening, and the mayor didn’t disagree.

Commissioner Juan Carlos Bermudez sponsored a new resolution, passed unanimously last week, aimed at the same target with a few alterations.

The new resolution calls for the office of the commission auditor “to assist the administration to comply with” the 2019 resolution.

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava agreed with the resolution, at least as a stopgap measure, until clearer legislation is enacted.

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