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Miami-Dade Dems: Daniella Levine Cava’s Accomplishments as Mayor of Miami-Dade

Since becoming Mayor at the end of 2020, Daniella Levine Cava has led our county with vision, integrity, and results, ensuring Miami-Dade emerged one of the most recovered economies in the United States. She will be up for re-election in August of 2024, and we invite you to read more about what Daniella Levine Cava has accomplished as Mayor

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Read what Daniella Levine Cava has accomplished

Economic Growth 

  • Passed a historic tax cut — the first property tax cut in over a decade and lowest combined rate since 1982 — to put more money back in our residents’ pockets 
  • Cut red tape to build a business-friendly environment in Miami-Dade County while investing in our County’s small businesses like expanding purpose driven procurement and launching our STRIVE305 program that helps business owners access capital, training, and more 
  • Launched “Broadband and Digital Equity Action Plan” to ensure our County is connected with high speed and affordable internet 
  • Created the Miami-Dade Innovation Authority, providing grants to local companies working on vital county issues in order to accelerate solutions for pollution, resiliency, housing, transit, and health care, while building lasting careers with good paying jobs. 

Tackling Affordable Housing 

  • Included more than half a billion dollars in the county budget for affordable housing solutions 
  • Launched the “Miami-Dade County Affordable Housing Trust Fund,” and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program that has helped 28,000 families facing eviction stay in their homes 
  • Introduced the “Building Blocks Plan” which works with the private sector to accelerate affordable housing development 
  • Led the effort to adopt our County’s first ever Tenant’s Bill of Rights 
  • Launched the Office of Housing Advocacy to help residents navigate their housing needs 

Improving Public Transportation 

  • Accelerating work to build key transit corridors that will better connect Miami-Dade and take more cars off the road. 
  • Expanding public transportation with new transit options, including more buses, a bus rapid transit system to South Dade, and extending the Metrorail in the North Corridor

Strengthening Public Safety 

  • She made sure public safety was at the forefront of our decisions, which is why Miami-Dade defied the national trends in crime – with one of the lowest rates of gun violence of any major metro area in the US.
  • Worked to reduce gun violence through the “Peace and Prosperity Plan” which invests in our law enforcement, works to prevent crime, and launches public safety programs to keep our families safe 
  • Launched Operation Community Shield that helped take 2,500 guns off the street 

Climate Resilience & Sustainability 

  • Fought climate change by making climate-friendly investments such as converting our County’s transportation fleet to electric and investing in shore power at Port Miami
  • Developing “Miami-Dade Climate Action Plan” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our County 
  • Spearheaded innovative sustainability efforts like the Plastic Free 305 Program to give local businesses the tools necessary to end their reliance on single-use plastics 


  • Led our County’s pandemic response and ensured we emerged one of the most recovered economies in the nation 
  • Promoted an inclusive County by creating a new office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Implemented future-ready plans that prioritize investments in our students — partnering with schools to build a pipeline for good-paying careers by creating internships, summer jobs, and construction apprenticeship programs for high schoolers.

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