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Local 10: ‘Public treasure’: Activists hope Bird Key doesn’t fly off to developer

MIAMI – The potential sale of Bird Key, a tiny island in Biscayne Bay, is causing feathers to fly and has local environmentalists very concerned. The unique gem is located in the heart of the northern bay, just south of the 79th Street Causeway.

The island was once a historic rookery that is still a critical habitat for South Florida’s diverse marine birds. On an average morning, kayakers near the island can see cormorants, brown pelicans, herons, and frigatebirds.

While this may sound like a natural preserve, right now it’s not protected. That’s why the recent listing has many nature lovers very worried about exactly who a potential buyer could be.

Laura Reynolds, the vice president of Friends of Biscayne Bay, stresses the importance of keeping this wild space, wild.

“It’s one of two natural islands in Biscayne Bay and it is magnificent,” Reynolds said. “It can’t be a nightclub, it can’t be an exclusive residential address, it needs to be here for wildlife and for public good.”

Bird Key owner Finlay Matheson bought the island with an investor back in 1986 for only $36,000.

“I’m 80 years old and now is the time (to sell),” he said.

Now Matheson is selling the piece of property for a whopping $31.5 million in a listing that describes it as a “golden opportunity.”

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